importas 0.2.0

Breaking changes

  • Only exported objects can be extracted from aliases.
  • Extracting a missing object from an alias causes error. The previous version returned NULL.
  • %as% and importas() functions construct importas class object(s) and assign them to alias(es), whereas they return NULL. The importas class object is a list NULLs whose names are the names of exported objects from a package.

New features

  • A print method for the improtas class object lists all the exported objects from a package.
  • package function provides more R-like syntax (e.g., gg = package(ggplot2)).

Internal changes

  • No longer depends on purrr
  • Use GitHub Actions for CI instead of TravisCI and appveyor

importas 0.1.0

First release to provide the importas() function and the %as% infix operator.